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Your medical billing outsource for affordable, efficient services to optimize your time and money.

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Establish good collection practices by checking patients' insurance benefits before services take place and collect all applicable deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance amounts at the time of service to maximize your cash flow and set consistent

The owner and staff at Express Billing Solutions would like to welcome you and hope you will take a few moments to browse our website and take advantage of the services our company has to offer.  Express Billing Solutions is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

We primarily serve the Indianapolis area, however we are able to provide billing services nationwide.  We are dedicated to providing professional services coupled with a personalized and responsive approach, a standard that is hard to find in today’s business world.

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 Express Billing Solutions, Inc.  is a professional outsource billing service specifically designed to partner with individual and small group practices.  At Express Billing Solutions, Inc. we customize our billing services to meet your needs.

In today’s insurance environment, the amount of time providers  must spend on reimbursement recovery for themselves and their patients  is constantly growing.

Our service team understands that time spent equates to lost revenue.  We are committed to helping providers retrieve their reimbursement and maximize their time and money.










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