Express Billing Solutions, Inc.

Our service team has the experience and technology to increase your practice revenue and keep you informed of the latest insurance guidelines and HIPAA policies.

Express Billing Solutions was founded in 2008.  Our service team has a combined 20 years of experience in the medical billing profession.  We enjoy what we do and are dedicated to working directly with our providers to ensure that we are meeting their needs and getting the most out of our company.  You will not find another company that takes greater pride in themselves on going above and beyond for your practice.

Having worked in medical offices, we understand the headaches involved with medical billing.  Finding efficient, knowledgeable, and detail oriented employees is no easy task.  Express Billing Solutions has the expertise needed to provide outstanding service to your practice.  Since our inception, Express Billing Solutions has maintained a high success rate of processed and collected claims.  We are committed to staying educated and on top of industry standards.  By using the latest technology available, we are able to provide our clients with fast efficient service.  We strive to provide a valuable service to the healthcare professional that is affordable.  Our goal is to simplify your practice and maximize your bottom line.


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